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In the always-on hustle culture of hurrying-for-results world, we too often see the end result and not the effort that the result has taken

A mechanic can take more than 15 years to successfully join a F1 pit crew. Each member possesses a unique blend of passion, education, physical strength and experience

Many teenage boys want to be guitar heroes shredding it like their idols. But each idol has thousands (and the guitar gods have tens of thousands of hours) practice: scales, chord transitions and fingertip scar tissue - and shitty shows, ambivalent audiences, rubbish reviews

Doctors, Nurses, Counsellors all take years (some more some less) to be even able to PRACTICE (pun intended) their craft

Showing up every day, doing something every day (even if that something is a rest day to pause to grow muscle or just de-stress brain cells). There are no shortcuts to excellence. Just the hard yards where experience, reflection, coaching and guidance teaches

Remember All overnight success takes about ten years (Jeff Bezos)

Becoming an ‘overnight success’ takes 2-5 years (Hamza)

It takes three years to be an overnight success, sometimes more (Seth Godin)

It all takes time and the journey IS the destination

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