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Decoding the great resignation

We live in an age of mass customization: FB, LI, Amazon, Netflix and their algorithms lead us to expect a bespoke experience tailored to our preferences and needs (I know the algorithms aren't perfect, but we all notice it when there is no customization).

But too many leaders have a one size fits all mindset. Under the guise of fairness and simplicity (but too often standardized to keep costs down) everyone receives the same

  • same medical package

    • 1500 medical expenses to a single person maybe ok, but to a woman or man with a family to support it’s laughable

  • same leave policy including carry over policy

  • same work from home policy

In a post pandemic, the narrative I hear from many employees is one of peer approbation and leadership blindness to hard work. Of a lack of celebration of progress, but rather a focus on the need for perfection.

As a leader ask yourself these questions. As an employee how do you think your leader is doing on them?

Do you know each team members’ “why” - the reason they do what they do?

  • What are their passions that they can use at work?

  • How do they feel about the level of work life integration?

  • What are their values?

  • How do they like to be recognized?

If you can’t answer some or all of them, you have work to do

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