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How to Effectively Lead Your Remote Team: Tips for Maintaining Contact

How remote are your remote team? How often do they see their teammates face to face? How often do they interact virtually?

And if the answer is "not very often", I'd like you to stop and think about cancelling your next one- on-one with them


If they are in a very different time zone cancelling while they are asleep means they will wake up to be greeted by a cancellation - and if they get up early for that meeting only to see that the meeting isn't happening, how do you think that makes them feel? Cancelling with advance notice is definitely better but still has a negative impact on the relationship. It is easy to feel isolated when one of the few contact points in your week drops out

And beyond how that makes them feel, consider their productivity...

  • Where else will they get answers to their questions if they don't speak with you?

  • How much longer will they have to wait for those answers? What will be the impact on quality by getting answers later or from someone else?

  • What messages will you deliver later or by email instead of person to person? How does that impact them? You?

Remote teams need a different approach - how are you managing yours?

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