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Hybrid work and collaboration

In my coaching sessions of late, I think in relation to the return to office based work and the mandates to get back in the office 3 or 4 days a week many organizations are pushing, I'm seeing an interesting theme

Collaboration keeps coming up in areas as broad as

  • Sales and Customer Success

  • Leaders and their teams

  • Marketing with the solutions team

So if collaboration is crucial, how do you build it? Well that's the conundrum many of my coachees have been exploring with me.

Managing Others

For new colleagues

Understand their POV: How they work, their goals and preferred contact methods. Get them to share stories of their wins, lessons and development areas. And, share your point of view with them: How you work, your goals and preferred contact methods. Share stories of your wins, lessons and development areas

For existing colleagues - perhaps a "reset" discussion given the change from wholly remote to hybrid is in order - you can repeat the steps for new colleagues

Managing your self

Use the time in the office for

Socialization, use getting-to-know-you activities like team lunches, 1-1 coffees (or walks around your neighborhood, office park or building) or even ice cream. Some designate the 15th or 1st of every month as "Birthday Day" and a cake is brought in to celebrate all those having a birthday that month.

Being face to face in the office is also a time for you to lean into those difficult conversations around performance, feedback and expectations. If you've done the socializing right the tough discussions came easier to have and go off track less readily

Use the time at home for...

Tasks requiring deep focus work best when you are not distracted by other people talking, cakes being cut or impromptu meetings happening around you, Save things like reading, research and analysis for your home office where you can control the distractions more easily. I would also add client facing calls to the deep focus task list - a noisy office can kill the best call so do them where you can be quiet!

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