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Giving the gift of (a pleasant) surprise

A random act of kindness and encouragement can have echoes that last a lifetime.

Last night as I was sitting in my living room reading, my teen age son came into the room and asked me to stand up.

When I stood, he stepped in, put his arms around me and after maybe 20 seconds whispered, "I love you Dad".

Delighted I told him I love him too. When he broke the hug, he smiled and said, "I just got one of your notes" and then off he went.

The backstory

A few months ago he had left his phone unlocked when he left the room and my mischievous side came out, I picked it up and thought about a funny message to put in his reminders. And then inspiration struck.

I opened his calendar, scrolled back a couple of months and create a 9pm event and wrote, " You are awesome and capable, and worthy of love."

Then I set a recurring reminder every 73 days.

Hence the hug. Actually the hugs. Interestingly he told me there is a synchronicity to those reminders, on good days they lift him higher and on bad days, they put his problems in perspective.

How do you place such words in the path of the people around you?

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