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A Personal Milestone / A Labor of Love

When I began to coach my team members many years ago I really had no idea what I was letting myself in for. Each conversation, each success, each set back gave me valuable lessons, and sometimes those lessons were learned immediately, and other times it took repetition to get the message.

So over the years, I have taken and delivered countless courses and classes, given and received feedback both constructive and otherwise and enjoyed the gift and the giving of recognition.

In January of 2020 I was fortunate to join an ICF accredited course with Baily Balfour for my ACC, in November I pushed my self to continue the journey and began PCC ACTP training.

And just today I got word that I had graduated. And my graduation marks a labor of love.

I would like to thank my wonderful coaches and trainers

Jean Balfour

Mylene Baxter

My cohort - Lipika, Risa, Nina, Emily, Julia, Sara, Susan, Shailaja, Katie and Keith

As well as Andrew Parker for allowing me to practice week in and week out.

But the journey continues, I still need to amass the 500 hours to meet all the requirements of a Professionally Certified Coach. So to celebrate, let me make this offer, If you'd like to have a session with me. Drop me a line and let's speak.

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