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How to survive the company off site

After the two years of lock downs and travel restrictions many of my connections have shared that they are a little rusty as things get back to a semblance of normal. Road warriors struggle with trip planning and management, event planners struggle with remembering the basics.

And now that more and more of us are attending the company offsite, as a public service, here are a few tips on how to survive incase you've forgotten!


  • Ensure you have digital copies of everything (visa, invitation letter, vaccination certificate etc.) stored locally on your phone or tablet

  • If in a non English speaking country (with non Roman alphabet) have someone write out name of hotel and address of local office in local language - it will save you in an emergency

  • Tag your bag, have a phot of it too


  • Remember the swag - you don't want to be the one person in the group photo without the logo / tagline blazoned across your chest...

  • Sunglasses - form and function - look cool, hide dark circles

  • Plan for the events (gala dinner, beach BBQ, day time scavenger hunt etc.) and pack accordingly. And yes - check the weather forecast

Activities / Events

  • Be cryptic - don’t say anything that can be remembered, ascribed to you later or quoted

  • When there are multiple after parties/events just say you are going to all of them. Then attend none and no one will look for you

  • Plan down time in your schedule (gym, local walks etc.)

  • Don’t wipe your self out at the dinner on the first evening ……hangovers and off sites don’t mix well

  • Make a list of people you have worked with but never met. Meet them and listen to them.

  • Do a little research on the place you will be visiting. Are you near any historical sites, or interesting things to see. You can always sit in a bar. Why not see something?

  • How about organizing a walking tour of the location you're in? It's a great way to network!

Administration / Tech

  • Photograph your receipts - even if you lose them you'll have a record of them

  • What power adaptor will you need? Make sure you have one extra (a little brown nosing wont hurt)

  • Got all your cables for laptop, phone, watch etc.?

  • Do you have your roaming plan set up while overseas?

  • Remember your out of office notification too


  • Plan your days around your jet lag don't meet the CEO or head of sales when your likely to be crashing

  • Fluids - hydrate while flying, hydrate on the ground, before bed, and when you wake up

  • Leave early every morning to get your coffee - to avoid the line!

  • Bring something green to eat. Everything on the buffet at an offsite lunch break will be brown and have been cooked at a temperature of thermonuclear

  • Research what if any local foods the city is famous for so you can try them.

What would you add to this list? Comment below and let me know!

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