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Ice Ice Baby

How did you spend your Sunday? This is a picture of my son and I in an ice-bath. We were being introduced to the Wim Hof method: Breathing exercises to focus the attention, ice-bath that tests that focus and developing a mindset which emerges from the interaction of the two.

It was really, really, uncomfortably cold (despite being in Singapore on a hot sunny day) and challenged us both. But there were some great lessons to be learned.

  • Our breath is a powerful tool to help us adapt and respond - not react to - our environment;

  • There is great instruction to be gained from observing others (we went last and learned what not to do just by watching) and;

  • Doing something with a loved one is always fun (although my son did wonder what he'd gotten into about 60 seconds through the 2 minute immersion pictured here!)

As I write and reflect about self care, beyond resting, floating tanks and mindfulness there are so many ways to look after yourself and your loved ones. This Sunday I expanded my repertoire to trying new (extreme) things and pushing my limits.

How are you expanding your #selfcare?

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