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With the move to hybrid teams and a rapid increase in remote workers across industries more and more of my clients are struggling with staying connected to their teams.

Here are a few things I’ve notice the most connected leaders doing:

  1. Scheduling, then sticking to regular 1-1s. Moving the meeting sends a mixed signal to the employee

  2. Communicating on a human not just a business level (read that again)

  3. Taking time to ask about the employee - not just the generic “how’s things?” But more nuanced inquiries. “How are the school holidays treating you all.” Or even better, starting with a personal revelation about them selves to set the tone, “the last few days of late nights / early mornings have been tough on my energy levels, how are you dealing with that?”

  4. Calling randomly outside of the 1-1 with an interesting topic, article, idea to share

  5. Referring to previous discussion topics as a check in, “hey we spoke about you son/daughters home schooling being tough on your schedule, how’s that evolved?”

  6. Sending surprise gifts to workers - pizza on a Saturday lunchtime, or a dozen cream puffs on a Friday afternoon.

I'd love to hear what you've observed too.

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