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Learning is Social (Recordings don’t work)

And for those of you not able to join live, we'll share the recording....

Learning is best when we learn with a group. In that group we also learn from the members of the group. Learning is social

Don't get me wrong, recordings have their place but they are only a part of the learning puzzle. In a live session, you can ask the questions that occur to you in real time and get answers - and then clarification to those answers. But not with a recording. Depending on the settings for the recording, you may not be able to see the chat which is a critical tool when running virtual sessions and another source of input / learning for attendees. And no recording allows you to enter a breakout room and consolidate your learning in the moment before going back into a debrief in the main room.

I recently signed up for a program on the Neuroscience of Change - but sessions run at 1am in my time zone. Happily the organizers had created a community in the 3 or 4 zones around mine where participants can watch and discuss the recordings together - a much more enriching experience - and again we learn from and with one another.

Another thought - if you know there are going to be users who cannot attend the live session, how can you create a version of the recording that helps viewers absorb and consolidate their learning?

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