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Lessons I have learned from my dog

Working from home for the past 5 months has meant creating a very different rhythm in my professional and personal life.

Gaining 90 minutes daily previously spent commuting has been one positive, more time with my family is another. But one of the most interesting, is the time I've spent observing Benjy our 2 year old Poodle - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel cross. His reaction to having the family at home is one of pure joy. And watching him has taught me a few things.

  • If you want attention / affection, just ask for it. And most of the time you'll get it. (Asking at the right time is a good idea too - when he hears me say "bye" on a Zoom call, he comes over for a pet)

  • The words we use are important and so are the tone we use to speak. Benjy is a master of picking up the emotions behind the words spoken to him. He's taught me to be careful with my tone of voice and word choice (B-A-T-H is not approved of!)

  • Benjy rarely goes anywhere in a straight line (tennis balls and chicken treats are the major exceptions here). He takes the interesting route, indulges his curiosity, takes his time and explores

  • Benjy eats well twice a day, drinks when thirsty and welcomes a snack if offered. He seldom overeats

  • A strategic nap is a great way he keeps his energy levels ready for any required activity

  • And if he hasn't see you for a while - he lets you know he's pleased to see you. He doesn't take his friendships for granted

What lessons have you gained from the animals and people around you?

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