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On Leadership and Being

There is a change in what leadership development is addressing

In the past leadership used to be about how to

  • how to give feedback

  • how to run a team

  • how to resolve conflict

  • how to communicate

  • how to project confidence

An orchid at the Singapore Botanic garden.
An orchid at the Singapore Botanic garden. Because flowers remind us that we all need to be nurtured, we are all more hardy than we know and beauty can be functional too.

But in a post pandemic world I’m seeing more development around the person being

  • being their authentic self

  • being vulnerable

  • being more emotionally intelligent

  • being more trust worthy

Of course the how to is still needed but there is a greater emphasis on what leaders do as a person that contributes, positive or negative, to their situation.

How are you keeping your leadership up to date?

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