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Self care lessons from the shower

After my recent post on the Shower Meditation, I asked several friends, colleagues and connections what practices they used. Here are a few:

I sit on the verandah in sun, close my eyes and listen. I try to hear things that are not immediately noticeable, whether they be birds, wind, traffic, or people. I listen for the hidden. (Sam Saunders)

One of the micro moments currently for me is - moving away from my workplace - and going downstairs to the kitchen. Boiling the kettle for a cup of tea - and whilst it’s boiling, stepping outside, shutting the door behind me - and taking a series of deep breaths in a garden setting! Then I go back inside, sit on a comfortable sofa and have my tea! No technology/ mobile device etc. it’s a circuit breaker that prevents me from short circuiting! (Ian Middleton)

...literally getting outside just for a walk and appreciating the smaller things really helps. (Ty Southern)

I find Metta meditation very relaxing (Anviti Sangwan)

Journaling. I try and dedicate an hour to it weekly, if not more.. and I get along some tea, and sometimes light a candle. I do use 'how have I been doing'.. my endeavor is to be more conscious of my internal narrative and examine negativity early.. why do I feel this way... can I take control or better let go. (Nidhi Vinod)

Walking the dog in the woods in the early morning has worked best for me over the years. It's a great time to switch off and reset. Watching the dog running around, deer in the fields and listening to the noises that get drowned out when the rest of the world wakes up helps me. Never underestimate the power of daydreaming as a meditation tool either. (Stephen Dickie)

My immediate buddy is AIR...I just move my body from where I'm sitting go out and feel the breeze...that bounces me back, look at the sky the flora and fauna. (Prathibha Parameswaran)

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