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(The Inner Scorecard) What's important to you?

A few months ago I saw Dr.Marshall Goldsmith at an event in Singapore. I took away so many ideas and insights - Dr. Goldsmith's mission is to share what he knows with the world. And one of the many ideas I took away was around my daily goals. Let me (badly) summarize:

We say many things are important to us, but do we actually DO what we SAY?

As part of his coaching practice, Dr. Goldsmith has his clients create a list of what they say is important to them, things like:

  • health

  • saving money

  • time with family or friends

  • not losing your temper

But after writing that list he has his clients track what they do each day towards achieving that goal. Each day he asks clients to question themselves, "today did I do my best today to... <insert goal here>

Simple? Yes, but hard to stick with

So I tried it for myself. I began to track my goals daily. A positive behaviour (like stretching or lifting weights) gets a green square, if missed, a red A behaviour I wisht to avoid (speaking when angry or eating processed sugar) gets a green square if avoided and a red if done

But it is in the daily reflection about those goals that the big lessons sit. Looking at the patterns of green versus red, in the relationship of one goal to another and in the way I talk to myself if I miss or make a goal that has helped me gain clarity on who I am, who I aspire to be and how I am working toward that state

Thank you Dr. Goldsmith!

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