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The last "screen free" space in your life?

It is likely that your phone is

  • next to (or in bed with) you

  • in the toilet with you,

  • goes with you to the gym,

  • sits at the table with you for every meal

  • sits in before, during and after meetings

  • rides on the bus or in a cab with you and

  • shares your vacations

So what is the last screen free space in your life? Chances are it's in the shower

In the shower... How do you use that time? So many options

Do you start with gratitude?

Run hot or cold?

How do you lather? is it soap or scrub? Whole body or one piece at a time?

How do you rinse?

How do you finish off?

Anything else? How about a song? a meditation? or even setting an intention for your day (or reflecting on events at days' end)?

Whatever your choices, in those precious moments you have a few minutes of stillness in your day to just be

In your body

With your body

In the present moment

Next time you do, let me know how you do!

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