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Are you an early bird? Or a night owl. The answer may have implications for how you work

Meerkats soaking up the early morning sun after a chilly Kalahari night

Some of the research I've been reading suggests knowing your own rhythms allows you to bring your best to your highest value tasks.

When are you at your sharpest? IF like the meerkats here its early in the morning- take a look at your calendar... what kind of work do you do early in your day? Email? Reading research papers? Sales calls? Op's calls and forecast meetings? What are the highest value tasks you are responsible for? Are they what your morning is filled with? If not you might be missing an opportunity.

Or are you an afternoon person?

Then as you look at your day from start to end what tasks suit you when? I've written about the benefits of journaling before, why not keep a record of your day and list your tasks, their relative value to the organization and the energy you felt doing it at what time of day. Keep that for 10 days (two work weeks) then put some time aside to review the reflections and see what patterns emerge.

Let's face it, your job will never get easier, you need to get better in order to thrive.

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