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Once or twice a week I publish an idea, question, insight or reflection. Topics can be inspired by world events, coaching conversations, random thoughts after a workshop, anything!

The blog also features guest writers too - colleagues, connections and friends who have a point of view to share.

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Are you an early bird? Or a night owl. The answer may have implications for how you work Some of the research I've been reading suggests knowing your own rhythms allows you to bring your best to your highest value tasks. When are you at your sharpest? IF like the meerkats here its early in the morning- take a look at your calendar... what kind of work do you do early in your day? Email? Reading research papers? Sales calls? Op's calls and forecast meetings? What are the high

Elevating Women in Leadership

As I continue my #lifelonglearning I find myself exposed to a diverse range of people, ideas, models and training content. Occasionally I find myself experiencing the learning on a level so much deeper than I anticipated. This certification was one of those experiences. From the recorded material walkthrough and completing the pre- and post workshop assignments to delivering practice sessions with both mixed and single gender audiences, the contents on presence, confidence,

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