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What is Coaching?

This week is International Coaching Week and to join the celebration of the art, science and practice of coaching I wanted to share a view of coaching that rises from phrases picked up over my career.

When asked, “What is coaching?” one of my replies is:

Coaching is a mirror held to show you your self, your strengths, preferences, gaps and areas to grow. No false modesty, no over exaggeration, just the reflection of your Truth.

Coaching is a window into future possibilities. A way to see and consider what those around you are doing. And a way to envision your future self - with values, goals and behaviours aligned.

And coaching is a doorway to a better version of your self. A way to plan, to prepare, to execute to measure.

And even better, the answer above is only the tiniest sliver of the totality of what coaching can be!

Happy International Coaching Week!

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