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Dissonance and insight

Sometimes you don't se it at first but something catches your eye; a fleeting spark in your mind; the briefest intellectual frown, then it's gone.

The one of two things happen: You ignore it (that's not what this post is about) OR

You look closer and see it. The wrongness, the error. Here it is in the photo, in life it might be a comment made around you (or about you) or a comment you make; a document you read; a presentation you review, a person that rubs you the wrong way. But how to get better at spotting those dissonances?

And there is the challenge of learning the the trick / talent / skill. Listening to that catch, noticing the spark, sensing the frown. Working as a coach I've been experimenting with embodiment and it is in those techniques we begin to spot the dissonances that reveal problems, negative patterns. Signposts to greater self awareness.

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