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Measuring progress on a destinationless journey 2021

Happy Hump day! Was the greeting from a colleague. And it caused me to pause and reflect on that. Wednesday, Hump Day, Half way through the week, the fulcrum between weekends...

That got me thinking about measurement and milestones (for the nerdy among you check out this fascinating Wikipedia page

Milestones measure progress - how far you have come, and how far you have to go. They symbolise the relationship between two places, past and present or start and end.

That raised the question for me of how do you measure progress when you don't know the destination?

2020 was like that - we kept looking forward to "getting back to normal" but never seemed to arrive (and at time of writing that still appears to be the case). In the business world change is discreet - it fixes a problem, has a clear end point (open the factory, launch a new or retire and old product). But transformation is messy there is no end point - there is simply the continual reinvention, reflection and renewal of the business, or the individual. And that's the power of coaching: the power to encourage you to reflect, reinvent and re-evaluate on a constant basis. So as we begin the adventure of a bright shiny new year, What are your goals? How will you measure progress? Do you know the destination? Drop me a line - I'd love to hear!

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