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You've likely heard of FOMO - Fear of Missing Out - the perception that you may be either not "in the know" about or missing out on information, events, experiences, or life decisions that could make your life better

There can be negative psychological implications associated prolonged FOMO a lowering of mood and overall life satisfaction. Advertisers and marketers have used FOMO to build buzz and results in campaigns directly or indirectly exhorting people to "not miss out"

But how do you protect yourself from FOMO? let me introduce you to


You've likely figured it out already, JOMO is the Joy of Missing Out. And it sitting inside JOMO is the suggestion you embrace missing out by unplugging from all (social and traditional) media, practicing self-care, reconnecting to the present moment, and appreciating the peace of solitude (word nerds please notice I used the present continuous in that last sentence)

What else can you do? I've seen plenty of articles on the digital detox, why not try it? Or (for those with the budget and inclination) fly to Bali for Nyepi. How about taking time to make time to meet and hang out with friends, family or colleagues? Feeling adventurous? How about open water swimming... the list is endless, get creative! What one thing would you add to this?

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