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Be careful where you jump

In the seemingly ever shifting world of business, of mass layoffs and shortages of skilled talent, many of us are evaluating where we are, where we might go and what the pro's and cons of such a move might be.

Lunar New Year is upon us, bonuses have been announced and you're either happy or not. So if you're thinking of taking a new job, remember there is significant risk in staying or going - so how do you make a decision?

  • Compensation is an obvious start - will you make more, the same or less? Remember compensation is more than salary and bonus. Look at the whole package - salary, bonus, health and well-ness benefits, allowances, stock options and leave - to get an apples to apples comparison

  • Commute - is work from office mandated? and if so how much longer shorter more or less expensive is the new commute? And what's likely to happen to the status quo?

  • Company / Industry / sector. Is it growing? (at what rate?), being disrupted? are you at or considering a disruptor? Does what they do align with your values?

  • Culture. And this is the big one, all the above can be positive and yet you find yourself in a toxic culture... And during the interview process there are many things you can do to get a sense of the culture. Questions like

    • How would you describe the integration of your working and home life?

    • What kind of challenges do you face in the organization, team (that you are joining)?

    • What development do you offer employees? (some offer a stipend for personal development, others have structured L&D programs for different organizational levels)

    • If you could change one thing about this organization, what would it be?

And taking all the above, you need to reflect, talk it out with a friend, one of your advisors or even a coach.

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