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Emotional Granularity

I've heard it said that as adults most of us are pretty poor at noticing our internal state and labeling it beyond just three emotional states: Mad, Sad and Glad (thanks Brené Brown!)

As I've explored my own emotional states and what to do about them, admittedly once I have learned to a) notice them and b) label them, I have found that a good tool to help me with a) and b) is invaluable. And in the course of my explorations I have found a lovely little app with loads of depth and utility. has developed a great app that (they say) is "created by scientists, designers, engineers, and therapists to help people better understand their emotions and find strategies to help them navigate their emotions in the moment."

With a variable reminder function to help me pause and assess and label my inner state throughout the day, the app also - based on my energy levels - high or low and my mood - pleasant or unpleasant affords me 144 possible labels for my inner state which is a level of granularity that blew me away the first few times I used it. Here are some of the choices in the high energy - pleasant quadrant

But even better than the granularity is what happens after you 'check in'. The app then makes up to three recommendations to continue with that feeling or how to regulate a feeling you'd prefer not to experience.

There's a slew of other features for you to explore too. (data nerds it's a blast)

I'm not affiliated with in any way, I just find it a great tool to help me manage and understand my emotions. If you're interested it's worth the try.

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"Just pear, lads. Just pear. Trample down all the … Do you think you might run out of pear? Don’t worry, I’ve got my secret stash. I’ve got two pear there and two pear there. That’s right, lads. Two pairs of pear. Two pairs of pear. It is confusing, isn’t it? But it is right. Just pear, no feelings, no disappointment, no ennui. Don’t put any weird … Don’t put like a lust tinged with regret in there, will you? Like someone in Glasgow might have for a librarian? Just pear."*

One way that I have found of exploring the full colour palette of emotion is through music. Music is like a lab where we can explore our emotional ranges…

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