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Gratitude, Thanks & Recognition

Go on make someone's day (with a nod to Duane Dabrowski who inspired me with this post)

Sometimes all it takes to lift someone's day is to offer a smile, hold open a door or say "thank you". I'd like to add another option - the Seal of Approval. How you use them is your choice. Let me share how I've used them myself.

  • I give one when at a cash register and I meet a barista or cashier who is able to break through the tyranny of transaction and smiles or greets me warmly

  • To anyone providing table service who makes an effort

  • With colleagues who go above and beyond

  • And to thank bellhops, cab drivers and flight attendants everywhere

I've used them the world over and while the phrase, "seal of approval" doesn't always translate, the act of thanking and giving works every. single. time

Here are six I made myself for you to try (Click and save as, print in the size you think fitting) . If you like you can make your own too.

They are easy to use and a delight to watch the surprise on the face of the person receiving it. Warning they can cause competition between staff!

And if you do use them, comment below and let me know how you did and the impact they had?

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