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Listening (How to)

Receive, don't just listen.

Your body is a receiver. You can listen beyond your hearing.

When listening to the other speak, use your whole being to listen:

Beyond the sounds, what are the assumptions in their words?

The underlying signals in the metaphors they are using?

How is what they are saying registering with you physically? Can you feel tension, relaxation, a shift in temperature, prickling of the skin or goosebumps? Does what they say make you sit forward or sit back? How do their words affect your breathing?

And the sum total that receiving brings you creates an impact in you and the speaker. Try it for your self. Receive don't just listen

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1 Comment

Toomas Särev
Toomas Särev
Nov 15, 2023

Be like a radio - is the metaphor - receiving full spectrum of wavelenghts, not just the message but the energy, balance, tone, shifts😎

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