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Managing your emotions

Holding it together can be tough. In an "always on" world with a blurring of lines between work and home life and ever increasing expectations how we manage ourselves, our emotions becomes ever more important. Here are two similar techniques I have picked up that I thought worth sharing


Whenever you feel anything other that positive or neutral: Stop

Then ask yourself, "what am I feeling here?" Name the feeling / emotion: Challenge yourself and ask "what is it about this situation / person that is creating this feeling?" and then

Choose how you want to behave / feel.

Recently I ran a workshop that used the model


Pause - resist the urge to react immediately

Name the emotion: Think about how you feel and name the emotion

Consider potential next steps and the pros and cons of each before deciding on your next action

As we try to do more, be more, get more, the pause to reflect, to catch our emotional breath, to prepare is crucial to our success. And when too many of us are managing increased levels of stress, sleep deprived or not eating, drinking or exercising enough, managing your emotions brings a little more sanity to the world.

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