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I recently was in Bali with my family, and one day my son and I had a massage. The appointment was booked for 3:15pm. So at about 2:55 I said to my son, let's go get our treatment." He looked at me and said, "we're not due till 3:15". And that led to a discussion on preparation for a massage. How you show up is a part of the outcome. Show up at 3:15 and you lose the few minutes to anticipate the experience, to perhaps savor the locally brewed tea, to decompress and relax ahead of the time on the table and, to share with the therapist what areas you want to focus on.

The waiting room at the spa

That led to this post. "You fail to plan, you plan to fail" as the old saying goes. And it certainly appears to be true.

  • As a buyer, the seller that shows up to the meeting without knowing my business, my needs, my aspirations and challengers is not going to make an easy sale

  • As a leader walking into a meeting without an understanding of the purpose and goal, I won't get the results I want

  • As a coach not taking a few minutes to center myself and review the notes from our last session always reduces the power of the session

How do you build preparation into your day? Where could you d better at preparing? What's stopping you?

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