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Sometimes doing everything right is not enough (and it's not your fault)

Recognize that at some point you will be doing your job well, you‘ll be able to deliver good work day in and day out, and one day you will realize that showing up and doing good work is not enough.

It might be you are “the previous manager’s hire” or that you are too young/old, male / female, traditional / adventurous, experienced or new. Any of these might be true…

If that happens, I'm sorry, so let me help.

Should you have this realization there are some things you can do:

  • Go out to your network: Let them know you are considering your next more. Do NOT ask them to help you find a job, rather tell them you'd value their insight in thinking over how you make your next move

  • As you speak with your network, make sure you ask about their insights, those will help you in other discussion. In subsequent discussions share your observations from the other conversations you have had, the goal is to add value to those in your network, who will likely reciprocate

  • Take a skill inventory of your self: Qualifications, certifications, training, project experience, work experience and software abilities. Write it down and look at it carefully. Explain it to a friend (r even better a few different friends and former colleagues). What patterns or themes emerge?

  • As you review your skills inventory, take notes on any skill adjacencies you spot. What new skills can you learn by leveraging existing capabilities?

  • Take some time to reflect on what you are passionate about. What as Simon Sinek says, is your "why?" Where is your passion?

There are a ton of jobs out there that didn't exist 10 even 5 years ago (Digital Risk Manager or TikTok Curator anyone?) If where you're at doesn't fit you anymore, go find somewhere else, you'll thank yourself.

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