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The best things I learned in training: Keep-Stop-Start

This nugget is a must have to help you when you are going through significant change

In times of change you really need to prioritize:

What is is that I / we need to keep doing? This ranges from continue to meet client deadlines, report on current state within your functional area or reviewing progress to target every week

Then what is it that I / We need to stop doing? Again this ranges from stopping certain kinds of report or non essential team meetings, no longer following redundant or out dated processes or even stopping using old tech platforms

And this is where the magic happens...

With the space in your day that the stopping has created, you can now start doing new tasks, following new processes or using new tech

Yes I know that you need to be aware of dependencies in processes and systems and that making changes in isolation can be a recipe for disaster BUT as you become aware of the goals of the new state of affairs in the organization and understand the metrics that success will be measured on you really do need to step back and decide on what is needed, no longer needed and new... Keep Stop Start!

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