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The empty chair

The empty chair coaching technique is a method often used to help individuals explore and resolve inner conflicts or gain insights into their feelings and emotions. It typically involves a few steps:

  1. Visualization: The individual is asked to imagine an empty chair representing a person, aspect of themselves, or a situation with which they have unresolved issues or emotions

  2. Dialogue: The individual then engages in a conversation with the imaginary person or entity in the empty chair, expressing their thoughts, feelings, and concerns as if the person or situation were present

  3. Perspective shift: By speaking to the empty chair, individuals gain new perspectives and insights into their feelings, thoughts, and conflicts. It can help them see things from different angles and better understand their own emotions

  4. Resolution or closure: The process often leads to a sense of closure or the identification of steps to resolve the inner conflict. It can also promote self-reflection and personal growth

Who would you put in the chair and what would you say?

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