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The Third Space

What I've noticed through the past year is how most people schedule their calendar in 30 or 60 minute increments and leave no time between meetings... and as a result of that we have no time to pause, reflect, gather our energy, focus our presence and bring our best self to the next event. By days' end we are a shadow of the person who began our day. So what to do?

According to Dr. Adam Fraser, author of The Third Space™, the “First Space” is what you’re doing now. The “Second Space” is what you’re about to do and the “Third Space” is the gap in the middle.

The beauty of the Third Space is that it can have different meanings for everyone. Some think it refers to the space between work and home (bars, clubs, retail stores et.), others think it refers to taking a mindful pause (that moment of transition between a first activity and the second that follows it) to mentally 'show up' right for whatever comes next.

I love the idea and have been playing with it. My evening run is the third space at the end of my workday (usually), but I have realized that I have no consistent third space to enter the workday. And as I reflect on the transitions from task, to rest, to meals to activity I've found a whole new way of reflecting on my days and attention.

The breathing I do before a coaching session is a third space as is the "power pose" before a workshop delivery.

How can you incorporate the Third Space into your life?

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