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The To DON'T list

I've written about To do lists and To be lists and recently about Kill Meetings but here's one I recently read about... the To Don't list, another way to free time for the important not the urgent.

Take a page and divide it in two with a line

On one side write all of your daily tasks: Social media posts, Chatter, Email, projects, reporting, research, blogs etc.

In the other column detail your accomplishments; the achievements you are linked to most at work or those you are most proud of.

Now connect each win to the task (or tasks) it is related to. Underline or highlight those tasks with a marker.

What stands out at you? Which tasks are connected with your accomplishments? Which tasks are not linked at all?

Any task not linked to any accomplishment needs to be closely scrutinized. Why is that task on your list (did you decide or were you told to do it)? how long has it been on your list (has it outgrown its usefulness/purpose)? and if there is no longer a good reason for doing it... put it on your TO DON'T list.

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