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Would you hire...

a coach that didn't listen

a counsellor with no empathy

a social media manager with no social media presence

a lead generation company who connect and then ask for a meeting without understanding your needs?

I've seen many posts on LinkedIn about the connection request once accepted immediately turning into a meeting request and a product / service pitch (actually there are some who skip the second part of that "cadence" and put their pitch into their connection request).

Now this isn't a rant about poor sales hygiene, it's more about how you show up.

What you wear, the words you use, the questions you ask all send a message about your authenticity, professionalism, your preparedness.

So what does the perfect exemplar of your chosen calling / profession do?* What does the perfect MD do? the perfect researcher, social media manager or sales rep? Write it out in a list, all the behaviours you can think of.

Then take a long hard look at the list - how many do you do consistently? How many do you skip when you're in a rush or busy? How many do you think don't apply to you or are negotiable? I'd also encourage you to remember that once you know the rules, you know when and how to break them.

* Aside, if you don't know what the finest exemplar of your profession does, now would be a good time to ask, to do your own research and create your own list.

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