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The Idea Cabinet

Every day we have dozens of ideas, from where to eat and who to call, to how to focus and the criteria we use to prioritize our task list. But not all ideas are actionable or suitable for that place and time.

But that doesn't lower their value for us. We need to keep them.. I came across this suggestion and have adapted it into the Idea Cabinet - it's a folder in OneDrive (or Notes or OneNote etc.) and every time I have an idea that needs saved I can open the folder on my tablet, desktop or phone and save a text file of the idea (you can even ask your digital assistant to take a voice memo).

Over time the folder becomes filled with ideas and as the ideas build they start to develop connections between one another in my mind, and the #number of ideas increases dramatically.

Ideas for:

Blog post topics

Research avenues

AI tools to use

Book / blog / movie recommendations

Product enhancements

Party themes (who said they all had to be work ideas!)

all can be housed and used to spark further insight

Where is your Idea Cabinet?

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