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Updated: Apr 21, 2021

It's world creativity day... What do you do to invest in your creativity?

Do you seek a creative #mindset seeing problems as opportunities? How do you explore possibilities? Try questions such as "what if?" or the five "why's?"

What are you doing to remove barriers to creativity in your organization or life?

What kind of thinking do you employ?

  • Divergent: exploring many solutions

  • Lateral: arriving at new, unexpected, innovative ideas

  • Aesthetic: creating art and beautiful solutions

  • System: interaction between parts; synthesizing several elements into one

  • Inspirational: pondering the wonderful ideas that just pop into your head unexpectedly

There are so many tools to use, Attribute Listing and Forcing Connections. Simply breaking your routines can improve creativity (take a different route to work, only use the phone / voice <no email> for a day, go vegetarian, watch a kids movie).

So get your brain working - what ever the way!

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