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Your attention is the most valuable thing you posses: at work, at play, with loved ones, when alone. How to achieve and sustain the peak focus of your attention? Last year (and this) as I made the move from office to home office many facets of my set up were now mine to manage. Here are a few tips of the techniques I've used to manage myself, my environment and the tools I use. I'd love to hear yours - comment below!

Self management

Sleep. As a child you were probably told how important a goo d night's sleep was. And it still is! Don't believe me? Just ask Arianna Huffington

Timing. Are you a night owl or an early bird? Based on that awareness what do you schedule when? If your best focus time is the morning is that when you do your high value work? By understanding when your energy and your focus is at its' best, then prioritizing high value/impact work for those times you'll be amazed at the outcomes you get.


Lighting isn't just about looking good on video, lighting can dramatically impact your mood and your focus. If you can, be sure to get the best mix of natural and man made lighting, in layers if possible - an over head light, task lights, accent lamps and natural light allow the lighting to change over the day (we need more light in the mornings and less in our evenings).

Temperature. 23-25 Celsius (73-77f) is the ideal temperature for work - but adjust to what suits you. As you adjust the temperature take time to review your focus and sense of flow - where is your temperature sweet spot?

Soundscape. Noise cancelling headphones whether WFH or WFO keep the distractions down.

Find silence distracting? Spotify have dozens of study / focus playlists to help you, or you can create your own. Add Coffitivity or other background sound apps to give you anything from white noise to a coffee shop ambience, I've even used thunderstorms and rainfall as background sounds.

Plants. Seriously there is a ton of research linking plants in your environment to positive physical and psychological health benefits. Taking time to water and tend to them is a wonderful counterpoint to meetings emails and calls.


Monitor. I inherited a 34" Alienware gaming monitor from my son. The display allows me to have 3-4 A4 sized windows open at any given time. I've reduced printed materials significantly.

Chair. Another "cast off" from my son, a Secret Lab gaming chair. No I'm not saying you have to have one, but a comfortable chair is so important.

Also. Turn off desktop notifications (audio and visual) when you want uninterrupted time. Slack, Teams, email - all of them.

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