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Pulse surveys

I've taken employee surveys almost my entire corporate career. Initially they were annual and in response to an event as opposed to an ongoing process. In one role I got them every 90 days, the number of questions varied between 10 and 25, the answering process was much smoother (there is no longer any demographic data to complete) but I came to the realization that at the end each survey my mood had dropped from wherever it was to dissatisfied, disappointed or angry.

Questions like these,

  • " I’m inspired by the purpose and ambition of our organization",

  • "If you were offered the same job at another organization with similar pay for benefits, how likely is it you would stay at XXX?"

  • "If I do great work, I know that it will be recognized" and

  • "My workplace is free from distractions and I find it easy to focus on my work."

caused me to pause and reflect about where I worked, how I worked, what the organization around me did and what was said versus what was actually done. And consistently, despite my (anonymous) feedback and the purported good intentions and aspirations of the leadership group, I was underwhelmed by why they still asked when nothing seemed to change.

And then I left. Thanks Pulse Surveys you really helped!

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