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If you have a program hanging on your tablet or the "Blue screen"? of terror on your computer or an app won't open on your phone...

What do you do first?

Reboot: turn off and turn on again

This is second nature to almost all knowledge workers - how many times have you heard people say , "I need to restart my PC" or, "let me reboot my phone"?

Well guess what? sleep is the reboot for humans - for our bodies, brains, minds.

Want to be your best? Reboot daily and see the difference. But the reboot means to shut down and then restart.

Preparing to sleep? How are you getting ready for bed?

  • Try to go to bed around the same time every night - consistency of bed time improves quality of sleep.

  • Put away the electronics for 1-2 hours before you sleep - and sorry that includes phone/tablet/TV. And avoid eating within two hours of sleeping - an active digestion can disrupt your sleep

  • Now you have more time to prepare to sleep - try journaling your thoughts from the day

  • Got worries? Writing them out helps create psychological distance allowing you to "put them down", or

  • You can have a book on your nightstand, reading can help you relax too

Sleeping in a strange bed? Make a nest to snuggle in!

With lights out: keep your room as dark as possible - light disturbs our sleeping patterns

Try to sleep in as quiet an area as you can, noise too disturbs our sleep

What are your suggestions for a good nights sleep?

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