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The best things I learned in training: Skill-Will-Hill

How do you change behavior? You can try 70-20-10, you can try the carrot and the stick, but one of the best models I have come across is Skill-Will-Hill

As an example, should you find that your leaders aren't giving feedback as regularly as you or your employees would like. You can use Skill Will Hill to determine where you might put resources to address this situation...


Do they know how to perform the task you want them to (in this example give feedback)


Do they want to do it? Basically is there motivation to perform the task?


Where is the resistance or barrier to performing in the required manner? Are the barriers around resources like time or money? or structure (think unionized environment in the feedback example)

But whenever you want to change employee behavior - ask how the change is dependent on skill will or hill and you'll get better results!

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