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Bad Manager Identification Chart

The link to the full article on Inc. com is here and while I don't agree with everything it says it is worth the click and read...

Does your manager:

  1. Call you in a panic about an ASAP task -- only to go silent on you

  2. Change their mind daily about what they want you to work on

  3. Ask to review every task you complete

  4. Tell you to do unnecessary, tedious work

  5. Constantly cancel and reschedule meetings with you

  6. Need to be chased them down for answers and approval

  7. Dismiss your questions and concerns

If the answer is yes to more than a couple of them then you might have a bad boss.

So for each of the above try these tips:

  • For each "headless chicken call" set boundaries: what exactly is needed, by when and what is the context for the ask

  • Challenge the constant change - but use questions. "Help me understand how this fits into the bigger picture?" or "Over the last few days / weeks we've worked on <insert summary of tasks> how do all of those different requirements connect with our goals?

  • OK a little malicious compliance might work here- review your work in excruciating detail. See how long they keep asking

  • Questions (and a little innovation) are your friends here, ask for the outcome they are seeking, and are there automation tools to reduce the work? But remember some work is just boring and tedious

  • Document this. Also ask about scheduling at the start of the week / day so fewer things might get in the way

  • Do this in writing (another way to document it) and be prepared to give feedback. Let them know when you need the answer by and what the lack of answer / approval will hold up (this kind of manager hates to look bad to others)

  • This is a tough one. Behaviours 1-6 might be due to incompetence, trust issues, laziness or poor time management, but being dismissive is bad for your well being and reputation. You can give feedback to them - or to HR (for them to observe) or quit. Or you can put up with it

Oh, and if you are a boss... how many of these do you do?

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