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The best things I learned in training

When I came to Singapore for the second time back in 2004, I landed a role with AchieveGlobal a training company who offered Sales, Leadership and Customer Service training

The owners believed that in order to sell the programs, I needed to know them inside and out - as a participant and for our flagship programs, as a trainer. In my first year with the firm I attended 48 days of classroom training. Before every program my boss would sit me down and discuss what I was going to attend, the intention of the program, outcomes, target audience and let me know he was going to debrief me on my experience

True to his word, when I returned from the 1, 2 or even 3 day workshops he would ask me to describe the program, it's big idea, key skills, the business issues it solved and how I would uncover those issues in a sales call. In other words he coached me following every class

And over that year I learned so much about how to sell, how to lead, how to manage the customer experience and the power of a leader who was an active participant in my learning journey. That year also taught me that learning is an ongoing process in your life - professionally and personally and that I owned it - no one else

Over the next 51 weeks I'll be sharing the best of the skills I learned - from AchieveGlobal and beyond. Many of the lessons are fundamental, once you learn them you think they are "common sense" but if you don't learn them, their absence can hold you back.

I'd love for you to share your insights about the topic or how you've developed your own take on what I'm sharing

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