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The best things I learned in training: Creating Line of Sight

What is creating line of sight?

As a leader you need to help people make personal connections with the organization strategy and their role in it. They need to know how what they do connects to the big picture they keep hearing about

When to use it?

Use this skill before or during any restructuring, merger, acquisition or change and, at the start of a new financial year

Do it with EVERY new hire too

How to do it?

You can’t lead people in a direction unless you are clear about it yourself. To

understand where your organization is going, you need to stay current

and do your homework. Get informed

Be clear about the direction and your role in it

Make sure you understand the direction you hear from your management

Deal with any mixed feelings you may have about any shifts in direction with your own manager & talk with her or him and put those doubts to rest

Get a sense of best practice in your industry from a search of industry associations, the web or speaking to your network

Work on your own version of the message

People don't want the standard corporate line, they want to hear from you. Make sure to speak about

Where the organization is heading

Why this direction make sense

What the current reality is internally

How you see the organization closing the gap and

The roles your team and other work groups and individuals will play in accomplishing goals

There is no one size fits all message

Tailor the above message to each person or team you speak with. Use examples, KPI / OKRs that suit each person / team. LISTEN for concerns or pushback and be sure to take those back up the chain of command for review

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