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The best things I learned in training: Forcing Connections

Need to generate new or fresh ideas about a project, product or situation? Thinking different can be a challenge for a team so this technique is a favorite of mine

Basically you and the team observe details about random things, then force connections

between that thing and your area for thinking.. Try this

1. What can you see in this picture?

Make a list of impressions (loneliness, quietness), observations (blue in the dark, there's a reflection on the ground, the tables are empty and unsuited for wet weather), associations (cities can be impersonal places)

2. How does each item you have listed about the picture connect to the topic you are considering?

If you're thinking about your upcoming project a) we want to anticipate unfavorable conditions so we still get good attendance and outputs. b) We need to provide both social and quiet spaces for reflection and c) ensure we humanize the way we approach the project by

Finally, with that list of a, b and c begin to design your project. The lens from forcing connections provides the fresh perspective you wanted!

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