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The best things I learned in training: Positive Defining Moments (PDMs)

A defining moment is any point in time when a customer judges the service you

provide – and by extension, judges your company or organization as a whole.

Examples of defining moments include:

  • When you meet and greet a customer - in person, on a video call or on the phone

  • When you do (or don't) try to understand their need(s)

  • When you flip open the laptop and go into PowerPoint karaoke mode

  • When and how you present information in answer to their questions

  • How you ask your questions and;

  • When you are trying to resolve a service issue

Here's the kicker - if you do any of these things poorly you create a negative defining moment - too many of those and you lose a customer. So the goal is to create positive defining moments

Think about a typical interaction with your customers - what are the defining moments you see? Now how do you engineer a positive experience for the customer?

Spend time with your colleagues and list out the typical interaction points. Does your organization have an automated phone system or online portal? consider your website: it's search, FAQ and check out features... they all count as possible PDMs! How do you create a positive experience?

The more PDMs a customer experiences the more loyal (to a point) they become

And please remember a defining moment is any point in time when a customer judges the service you provide. Yes you read that right a defining moment can have happened in the past not just in the most recent interaction...

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